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Updated at October 27, 2009 17:42

ASHRAE Study of Typical Inlet Conditions to Ceiling Diffusers Performance Data

ASHRAE has approved and funded a study of inlet conditons in ceiling diffusers and the effects that ducted inlets have on ceiling diffuser performance data.  This study in being conducted at the University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV – Nevada) as ASHRAE study RP1335 by Dr. Brian Landberger and Dr. Doug Reynolds.  Titus’s Senior Chief Engineer, Leon Kloostra, is one of the principal authors for this study.

The majority of manufacturer catalog performance data for diffusers is developed following ASHRAE Standard 70, where an inlet to the duffuser is installed under ideal conditions.  This standard requires uniform airflow entering the diffuser adn assumes that no inlet balancing device is in the diffuser inlet.  Inlet conditons to the diffusers can greatly affect the diffuser performance, but the magnitude due to these conditions is not known.

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